With an undecided ‘no deal’ Brexit bringing dark clouds over the heads of many, the question still looms, what would happen to the automotive repair industry if this ‘no deal’ went ahead? 

The opinions out there are of course very mixed. Some say that a ‘no-deal Brexit’ would have catastrophic effects on the industry. Leaving the EU without a deal would trigger a shift in trading conditions and land a large blow against the industry’s just-in-time supply chains. With a ‘no-deal’ scenario, the likely-hood of companies struggling to get hold of parts they need to complete repairs on time will increase. There could also be new border checks as a result of Brexit.

But others say that if we leave the EU, Britain could then negotiate a new EU relationship without being bound by EU law. It can secure trade deals with other countries like China and American. Which all sounds pretty positive despite everything else.

With opinions divided, and the Government taking their time reaching a decision, the easiest thing to do is carry on. Be mindful of what is going on but it is probably an idea to expect changes in the near future.

Here at Braintree Motor Works, we are ready for anything. It’s not all doom and gloom, we are still here and still smashing our targets. There is a lot of changes happening in the next few months so keep an eye out!

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