Most van drivers will know that there will always be people on the lookout, ready to try their luck with breaking into your van. Recently there has been so many reports of vans getting broken into and things being stolen. Just last week a family from Basildon were devastated watching back their CCTV and seeing a thief breaking into their van, stealing £4,000 worth of valuables! It is absolutely outrageous, no one should ever have to suffer financial loss due to someone else’s careless and illegal actions!

There have been many other reports of van break ins throughout the country. Not only goods from inside were stolen but the vans were all damaged too. Windows had been smashed with bricks and locks forced open with wrenches. There is nothing more devastating than finding your possessions have been stolen and your van left in a state.

In order to keep your vehicle safe here are some tips and advice to follow to lower the risk of people targeting your van. Don’t give thieves any kind of reason to come snooping near your van. Take note and take action!

Park Wisely:

Vans that are isolated are much higher targets than vans parked near other cars. Ideally you want to be in a well lit area and close to CCTV. Also try parking against a fence or wall so you don’t expose your side door. 

Securely Store Valuables:

Don’t ever leave valuable items on show in your van, especially if you’re not around. This only encourages thieves to take a chance. Ideally you don’t want to leave things like tools overnight in your van, but if you have no other choice, then make sure you get fit a secure storage space for them. 

Upgrade Your Locks:

Immobilisers and deadlocks are often used as a way to give your van extra security. You should also think about investing in trackers and a steering wheel lock. In the long run it will cost you less to invest in these forms of protection now rather than having to pay out if your van was to get damaged.

These tips are helpful for not only protecting valuables in vans but cars too. Any damage done to your vehicle from a scratch to a smash can be costly. But giving Braintree Motor Works a call first, you might save yourself a lot of hassle! We can help you with all communication between you and your insurance company. 

Not only can we help out with your insurance but we can also source things like deadlocks and immobilisers for you. Helping you prevent your vehicle being broken into. Visit us today to see how we can help you, we are based in Unit 4, Harrison Drive, Braintree CM7 1DE.

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