3 Reasons Why A Dash Cam Is Becoming An Essential Piece Of Equipment 

I’m sure most people have heard of a dash cam, but do YOU own one? Some people make the assumption that dash cams are only for paranoid drivers, and can’t see why you would need a camera to record everything you can see in front of you while you are driving. But, whether you currently own one already or not, here are some reasons why they are very useful. 

Protect Yourself In An Accident 

One of the main reasons dash cams are becoming more popular is due to the fact they capture evidence. If – and hopefully not – you are ever involved in an accident your dash cam will hold the footage of the events leading up to the crash. This can be a very useful thing to have, especially when dealing with insurance companies and the authorities. 

Record Your Road Trips

Many of us love to travel, and whilst away we see some amazing views, some we wish we could re-live. Some sights you see whilst out on the road you wish you could see again and again, but due to the fact you are driving you haven’t been able to capture the moment. With a dash cam there is no way you will ever miss a sight again! 

Protect Others In An Accident

Even if you are not directly involved in an accident, but you happen to witness one right in front of you. Your dash cam would have recorded the whole thing, and the footage could become essential evidence for those involved in the incident. By being a good Samaritan you could help someone win against their insurance company.

Two years ago we saw the highest number of road traffic accidents, over 24,000 people were injured over the course of one year. That is a shocking figure to see, and even worse to know that a vast amount of people involved would have been disputed due to not having video footage.

Around 40% of accidents get disputed when taken to insurers because there is no evidence, it becomes a game of he said she said. For example; you are in the middle lane on a main road and someone in the slow lane pulls out and hits you. Neither of you have a dash cam so no one can prove who’s fault it is. This means you will have to pay your excess. If you did have a dash cam, especially in incidents like this, Braintree Motor Works can help you save money.

This is why Braintree Motor Works can not encourage you enough to invest in a dash cam. All the time, we see people losing out on insurance due to insufficient evidence. So please, do yourself a favour and get one! If you should unfortunately be involved in an accident then call us first on 01376 327577. Not only can we repair any damage to your car but we can also help you out with the insurance claim too. To find out more information visit our website