There is never a dull day here at Braintree Motor Works. We encounter a variety of issues but we always find the solution. 

The results of a 5mph impact on a Mercedes:

We went to fit a new front panel on this vehicle but and it was 25mm out, after further investigation, it was discovered the chassis leg was bent. No matter how small the impact always make sure you get your vehicle looked over afterward!

But the problems didn’t stop there! After taking out the engine we saw just how bent out the chassis leg was. In order for us to find the exact amount of damage that was caused meant we had to strip more back.

This is an example of the kind of work we do. We receive cars that have been in accidents, scratched and scuffed, sometimes very broken. But the team here at Braintree Motor Works, work incredibly hard to ensure the car gets returned looking better than brand new.

We go step by step, taking the time to make sure everything is spot on. This is how we ensure every customer leaves happy, driving away in what feels like a new car.

Braintree Motor Works is the only place to go if you find yourself needing any bodywork. We won’t just fix your vehicle, we’ll make it feel brand new. A paint job like no other you’ve ever seen, no more damage or noises. Contact us today on 01376 327577 or email